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The Saints Marched In!

It was great to see the saints marching back into Saint Mark Church today for All Saints Day Mass! Continuing a long-standing tradition, each class adopted a saint, and at Mass one student dressed up as the saint, while the other read some brief facts. Our students and teachers did a wonderful job, and we’re thankful for Father Bob for joining us at Mass.

As Father Bob said, we are all called to sainthood!

This year, our classes chose the following saints:

Kindergarten A adopted St. Rose of Lima

Kindergarten B adopted St. Anthony of Padua

Grade 1A adopted St. Cecilia

Grade 1B adopted St. Catherine of Sienna

Grade 2A adopted St. Nicholas

Grade 2B adopted St. Teresa of Calcutta

Grade 3A adopted St. Therese of Lisieux

Grade 3B adopted St. Lucy

Grade 4 adopted St. Mark

Grade 5 adopted St. Joseph of Cupertino

Grade 6 adopted St. Francis of Assisi

Grade 7 adopted St. Joseph

Grade 8 adopted St. Raphael


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