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Saint Mark After-School Program

The Saint Mark After-School Program welcomes students whose parents seek a safe, supervised venue where students have the opportunity to complete homework and engage in recreational activities.

Please note that the Saint Mark After-School Program is committed to your child’s academic success and well-being. In order for the students to benefit from all that is available to them, we must have the cooperation of the students and the support of their families. We are available to discuss with you any questions or concerns.

Click here for a copy of the After-School Registration form.

A few program particulars:


  • The hours are from dismissal until 6 pm.

  • Children may attend the After-School Program daily or on an as-needed basis.

  • Although registration is highly recommended, should the need arise, you may call the school office by 1 pm to indicate that your child needs to attend the program that same day.

  • Full School Days:
    3pm to 3:30pm: $10
    3pm to 4:30pm: $20
    3pm to 6:00 pm: $25

    (Snack is provided at 4pm at no additional cost.)

  • 12pm Dismissal Days
    12pm to 12:30pm: $10
    12:00pm to 1:30pm: $20
    12:00pm to 3pm: $25
    12:00pm to 6pm: $40

  • (Students should bring lunch on half days, or lunch will be provided at an additional fee.)

  • Half price will be charged for a second child from the same family.

  • Each week, in the Wednesday folder, an account statement indicating fees for the week prior is sent home. Payment is due that same week to the Business Office.


  • At the end of the session, a child is released only to a parent or adult on record.

  • All students must be signed out at the time of pick-up. This will help us to ensure that you are billed correctly. If you fail to sign your child out, you will be billed for the entire day. Only students in grades 6 – 8 are able to sign themselves out if there is a letter on file from you, the parent, giving permission for your child to go home alone.

  • Children must be picked up by 6 pm. If you will be late in picking up your child (after 6:15 p.m.) you must contact Michael Davis at (347) 574-1828. After 6:15 PM, an additional fee per 15 minutes will be billed to your account. 



  • Do not send in your child with toys or electronic games. We are not responsible for misplaced or damaged items.

  • Cell phones are not permitted to be used during After-School hours. If your child is found using a cell phone it will be confiscated and you must pick it up in the Principal’s Office.

  • Students may participate in recreational activities only after all homework is complete. 

  • Saint Mark Catholic also has a FREE Early Drop-off Program from 7:30 am-7:45 am daily

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