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The Upper Middle School program strives to develop a Catholic Christian community based on faith. Our academic goals motivate our students to achieve a level of mastery in reasoning, critical thinking and communication.

The program aims to promote literacy and proficiency in all subject areas in the fast paced technological world of today. Connecting the commitment of the integral formation of the entire person, the curriculum weaves a web of academic, social, religious and emotional experiences. This web is created through academic experiences – independent research, a research paper, and the integration of technology in all curriculum areas.

The religion program continues the students’ faith journey through the Old and New Testament. The students continue to grow in their responsibility as Christians in the world today. The theme of social justice is most prominent in the Upper Middle School program. Before graduation the Eighth Grade students are involved in community service activities that benefit both the school and parish.

Standardized achievement tests are given in each year, as well as New York State Assessment Tests in both grades 6 and 8 for English Language Arts and Mathematics; Science for grade 8.

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