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Our Philosophy

Saint Mark Catholic Academy’s philosophy is to provide a constructive learning environment infused with faith-based values. Our dedicated administration and faculty strive to achieve a balance among the spiritual, scholastic, social, and physical attributes of each child. A spirit of inquiry and discovery allows each student to attain his/her full potential. The curriculum is multi-dimensional, reflecting the current trends in education, and is implemented by teachers who are facilitators of achievement.


Our Beliefs

Excellence and Character

Academic excellence, character development, self-discipline, and Christian service are hallmarks of the graduate of Saint Mark Catholic Academy.

Child-Centric Partnership

The child’s individual educational, emotional, social, and physical needs are met with the greatest care and strongest partnership between home and academy.

Excellence in Technology

The academy’s program provides the highest academic achievement possible for each child and in the process utilizes state-of-the-art technology.

Catholic Teaching

The guiding Catholic tradition of the school is to “Teach as Jesus Did,” demonstrating always the respect and dignity of each member of the academy community and the global community.

Sacred Guidance

God’s love and presence guide Saint Mark Catholic Academy and each child is a unique and special learner.

Diversity & Inclusion

Fostering the education and motivation of children to embrace responsibility cultivates a sense of allegiance to their nation, while simultaneously instilling an appreciation for the diversity of other countries and peoples within the global community.

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