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Continuing the rigor of the standards
of the NYS Common Core

In grades 1 and 2 the basic skills of reading, writing and mathematics are mastered. Grade 3 also expands these areas and formally introduces critical thinking skills.

The areas of reading, language arts and mathematics are especially emphasized. The literature based reading program is based on the whole language approach. By grade 3, mathematical skills are broadened to include not just computational skills but also a strong emphasis on problem solving, geometry and measurement.

In the same three grades religion continues to be a very important part in the students’ daily life. The children are provided with a strong faith foundation. Students are reminded of the need to live lives of faith and service to others. The beginning tenets of social justice are introduced. Students participate in school wide opportunities to help those in need.

In all three grades (1, 2, 3) the children are given the opportunity to express themselves through recorder and bells, music appreciation and art. These subjects develop and strengthen memory skills, as well as reinforce poise, self-assurance and expression.

Formal standardized testing begins in grade 3 with the administration of the TerraNova Achievement Test.

In grades 4 and 5 the basic skills are reinforced and further developed with higher order thinking skills. To further develop and master academic skills the students are provided with different learning experiences where they can apply skills and work independently or in small groups. Use of the computer and interactive whiteboard technology only continue to enhance the learning experiences for these students.

The religion program continues to develop and nurture the students’ faith in God. The program strives to develop in each child the Gospel call to serve others as Jesus did and to understand the responsibility in caring for all of God’s creation. This takes form in the various activities related to social justice that the students are exposed to.

Art, music and the opportunity to participate in band instruction are also part of the curriculum. Here students develop an appreciation for culture, as well as confidence in self-expression through the fine arts.

Formal standardized testing continues, as well as the New York State Assessment Testing in Grade 4 for English Language Arts, Mathematics and Science.


Classes attend Mass on a rotating schedule.

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