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Information for Summer!

Dear Families:

We made it! Thank you for a great year!

As we conclude for the summer, I’d like to share with you links to summer assignments and supply lists. I’d also like to provide some year-end information and some early information regarding September.


This afternoon, families should check their OptionC account for their child’s final report card. Please allow some time for the report card to appear; OptionC is a nation-wide company, and they queue all report cards at the same time. Thanks for your patience.


Speaking of OptionC, over the summer all schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn—including Saint Mark Catholic Academy—will be transitioning from OptionC to FACTS.

Starting in September, FACTS will be where you can check your child’s attendance, academic progress, and report card/progress reports.

We hope to have login information to share with you over the summer.


Here are the links to the summer packets for all students. These links can also be found on our website by visiting


We are happy to announce that we have partnered with School Tool Box to sell pre-packaged school supplies next school year. Below, is the link to their website. Buying through School Tool Box is not only convenient for families, but it is also a fundraiser to support SMCA.

Of course, this is completely optional, and you may choose to buy school supplies on your own. Thank you!


You’ll notice that notebooks and loose-leaf are not on your child’s supply list. In September, all students will be purchasing notebooks directly from the school. Please do not purchase notebooks or loose-leaf over the summer. Thank you!


Today your child’s i-ready Diagnostic Report is being sent home.

i-Ready diagnostic assessments are computer-based assessments that adjust to each child’s mathematics and reading ability levels. If your child took an i-Ready diagnostic assessment this school year, this end-of-year check will start with content based on those prior results and adapt from there. As your child answers each question, the test adapts based upon your child’s responses. The questions become easier if the answers are incorrect and get more challenging as correct answers are provided. Students will see challenging questions. By finding what students can do, and not do yet, the system is able to provide a more accurate description of your child’s instructional level. This type of assessment individualizes every testing experience so that it more accurately measures your child’s ability.

The assessment data is to help understand where your child is in relation to grade-level standards, provide for practice and assignments at your child’s academic level, and monitor academic growth this school year.

i-Ready will remain available to students through August 20th, 2021. Students and families can decide if they would like to continue to use lessons in i-Ready this summer.

If you choose to continue to use i-Ready in the summer the recommendation is for students to complete up to one lesson per week in reading and/or math again this summer work is highly recommended to be done.

Your child knows his/her iReady username and password, but should you need it, please email Mr. Wilson (


From Monday, July 5th through Friday, August 13th…

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 8am to 1pm

Wednesday: 8am to 1pm

Thursday: 8am to 1pm

Friday: Closed

We will have normal office hours the week of June 28th, and we’ll return to regular hours on Monday, August 16th in preparation for the upcoming school year.


This year, we relaxed our uniform guidelines because of health and safety regulations. Next year, we anticipate returning to regular school uniform. In anticipation of that, please go to our website for uniform information:

You can also purchase uniforms online by visiting:

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