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Kindergarten B

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Dear parents and families

This week Spelling will be added to the homework. The children will take a test after two weeks

of practice. We will start with five words this week and the next five words will be added the following

week. They will be tested on all ten (this is just to get their feet wet and to get them used to reading

and practicing their sight words daily). I have made the format for the spelling homework on a

worksheet for the children to use, this is the format we will use when we use the notebook.

Here are a few reminders for this week:

  • Tomorrow is class picture day-All children should be dressed in full uniform

  • Send a headphone for your child to use in class daily

  • Remember to send in the field trip slip and payment

  • Keep an old magazine handy-the children will need pictures for their phonics homework (for weekly letter sounds)

Spelling words: 1. 'I' 2. 'am' 3. 'me' 4. 'it' 5. 'The'

Spelling practice format: Read it, Trace it, say it, spell it & write it on your own and say it again.

Monday 10/03/22

Math: GoMath pages 59-60

ELA: Review the alphabet A-Z

Spelling: write words 1-5 three times each

Tuesday 10/04/22

Math: GoMath Pages 65-66

ELA: Review the alphabet lowercase a-z

Spelling: write words 1-5 three times each-write one short/simple sentence

with one of the words from the list

Wednesday 10/05/22

Math: GoMath-Pages 71-72

ELA: Phonics:Practice the letter sound for Ff

Spelling: practice words 1-5- write two short and simple sentences

Sci/Soc: sheet

Thursday 10/06/22

Math: GoMath Pages 75-76

ELA: Phonics practice the sound for Ff

Spelling: write words 1-5 three times each-write two short and simple sentences

Friday 10/07/22

No homework: review chapter 1 for next week’s test

No school on Monday. Have a blessed weekend.

Ms. Rose

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