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SMCA Presented with Special American Flag at Annual Thanksgiving Feast!

It was a special day today at Saint Mark Catholic Academy as we were able to host our Thanksgiving Feast for the first time since 2019!

Our school families and our “home” families sat down and shared a meal together as one unified Saint Mark family! What more could we ask for?

Today was “extra special” because Mr. Hon Chan, the father of third grader Victoria Chan, presented the school with a flag that flew over Guantanamo Bay. Mr. Chan is a chief petty officer in the US Coast Guard. During his deployment, Mr. Chan asked that the base fly the flag in honor of Saint Mark Catholic Academy.

The certificate that accompanies the flag reads:

“This is to certify the accompanying flag of the United States of America was flown over the Northeast Gate, which separates communist Cuba from the United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay Cuba. Here each day, United States Marines stand ready to protect the freedom for which so many have fought and died.”

“On Behalf of Saint Mark Catholic Academy, Brooklyn, N.Y.”

“Honor Bound to Defend Freedom”

“From Chief Petty Officer Hon Pun Chan, U.S. Coast Guard”

Saint Mark Catholic Academy is a special place, and today’s Thanksgiving feast is the perfect representation of that. Everyone brings something to the table…Our families bring their support and commitment. Our teachers bring their dedication and love, and our students bring the greatest thing of all—themselves! Each one of them brings something unique and different to “the table” that is our school. Indeed, what more could we ask for?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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