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Summer Update (8/4/21)

Dear Families:

I hope the first half of your summer is going well. Despite some rainy days, we’ve had some very nice weather!

While many of us don’t want to rush August along, we are just over a month away from the first day of school, and there’s some important information that we need to share with you.

First off, I hope you all got my postcard in the mail letting you know this email was coming! As I mentioned, starting this school year, we’re going to move toward a “greener” Saint Mark Catholic Academy, with many of the papers and flyers you would have received moving to a digital format. Thank you in advance for your patience as we begin this new endeavor!

In preparation for September and the beginning of a new academic year, here are some important updates and reminders…



The first day of school for all students is Wednesday, September 8th. The arrival and dismissal times for the first day of school are as follows:

  1. Kindergarten through Grade 8: 7:50am to 12pm

  2. 3K for All and PreK for All: 9am to11am


Just a reminder that summer assignments for all classes can be found on our school website:


We have partnered with School Tool Box to sell pre-packaged school supplies next school year. Below, is the link to their website. Buying through School Tool Box is not only convenient for families, but it is also a fundraiser to support SMCA.

Of course, this is completely optional, and you may choose to buy school supplies on your own. Thank you!


You’ll notice that notebooks and loose-leaf are not on your child’s supply list. In September, all students will be purchasing notebooks and theme tablets (loose-leaf) directly from the school. Please do not purchase notebooks or loose-leaf over the summer. Thank you!


Last year, we allowed students to wear either their gym uniform or dress unform any day of the week. For September, we will return to students wearing their gym uniform only on gym days, with the dress uniform being worn the rest of the week. (Students in 3K for All and PreK for All wear the “gym uniform” every day.)

Please go to our website for uniform information:

You can also purchase uniforms online by visiting:


This summer, all schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn—including Saint Mark Catholic Academy—will be transitioning from OptionC to FACTS.

Starting in September, FACTS will be where you can check your child’s attendance, academic progress, and report card/progress reports.

We hope to have login information to share with you soon.


Attached is the September 2021 Calendar calendar. It includes all special events and activities during the month of September.

Also attached is the Preliminary Calendar 2021_2022. It includes major events such as days off, early dismissal days, and report card days.

We have done our best to plan in advance as much as possible; however, given the uncertainty we’re all still dealing with, both of these calendars are subject to change.


On the September calendar you’ll see that we have Back to School Night scheduled for Wednesday, September 15th at 6:30pm. As of now, this is scheduled as an in-person event, but this is still very tentative. Should the need arise, we may need to make this a Zoom event. Once we have more definitive plans, we’ll let you know. UPDATE: These will be ZOOM EVENTS. Links will be forthcoming.


We’re happy to offer once again our After School Program. Additional information for our After-School Program can be found on our website:

To register for the After-School Program, please click on the following link:

Please note that the fees for the After-School Program will remain the same.


In order for students to receive their Admit to Class Cards, July fees and August tuition must be current. If you have any questions, please contact the Mr. Bunch or Mr. Cleland in the Business Office, (718) 332-9304 Extension #2.

Admit to Class Cards will be distributed later on this month.


We have been asked to remind families to stay up to date on their children’s vaccinations if they have fallen behind on their required immunizations due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

  1. To see what immunizations your child needs, please click on the following link:

  1. As of June 13, 2019, public, private and parochial schools and childcare programs in New York can no longer accept requests for religious exemptions from school immunization requirements.

  2. New York State Law requires that each child entering school in September in Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten must have the following:

  3. A complete physical examination

  4. Complete immunization

  5. At this time, there are no New York State requirements for COVID vaccines for children to attend Catholic Elementary Academies and Parish Schools in Brooklyn and Queens. Parents are encouraged to make the decision that is right for each child and family, following regulations and guidance from their medical provider.


Thanks to a grant from the Nonpublic School Security Guard Reimbursement Program, we will have a full-time security guard on staff at Saint Mark Catholic Academy. Watch Guard 24/7, LLC will be providing a security guard to ensure safety throughout the day, especially at arrival, dismissal, and outdoor recess.


We are still waiting to receive health and safety guidance from the Governor’s office and the New York State Department of Health (DOH) concerning the 2021-2022 school year. Once received, these regulations and guidelines will be issued to Saint Mark Catholic Academy by the Diocese of Brooklyn’s Office of the Superintendent. We will keep everyone informed as soon as we become aware of any new information.


Thank you for taking the time to read through this important information for September. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact the school office at (718) 332-9304.

The past year and half has been a trying time for our students. However, our entire school community faced that adversity head-on, and they did a wonderful job. Some uncertainty still lies ahead, but I’m confident our Saint Mark family will once again rise to the occasion.

There’s a saying that “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” We look forward to welcoming our students back in September and seeing how much they’ve bloomed!

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Mr. Wilson

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