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Saint Mark Catholic Academy Remains OPEN

Dear Families:

I’m sure many of you heard Governor Cuomo’s announcement regarding school closings in “hot spot” ZIP codes.

Please note Saint Mark Catholic Academy is in ZIP code 11235. This is NOT one of the ZIP codes under the Governor’s mandate. We are open and will remain open until further notice.

That said, we should remain cautious and vigilant at all times. Please remember the following…

  1. Complete the online health screening each morning for each child. If you answer YES to any question, you should keep your child home. Once again, here is the link:

  2. Keep you child home when he or she is sick. If your child exhibits any signs of illness, please keep him or her home.

  3. Wear a mask! Our students, faculty, and staff wear masks throughout the day while in the building. Please do your part and wear a mask when outside the school dropping off/picking up your child.

  4. Keep social distance! All of our students are socially distanced in their classrooms. There are markers in the hallways and stairways. Please do your part by keeping at least six feet apart when outside the school dropping off/picking up your child.

Thank you for doing your part to keep our children and school community safe. We appreciate your patience, kindness, and support!

Thank you,

Mr. Mark Wilson Principal


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