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SMCA Supports School Affected by Hurricane Florence

In 2012, when New York City was ravaged by Superstorm Sandy, many members of the Saint Mark community were seriously affected. At that time, the outpouring of generosity, support, and love from our neighbors–both near and far–was extraordinary. That is why when Hurricane Florence caused severe damage in the Carolinas this past September, our school community felt an immediate need to “pay forward” the kindness and good will that was shown to us six short years ago.

Thanks to efforts of our principal, Mrs. Donnelly, our faculty and staff, and, most especially, our students and their families, SMCA was able to make a contribution to South Brunswick High School in Southport, North Carolina. A special thank you to our physical education teacher, Ms. Helene Hamilton, who brought to our attention the hardships being faced by the South Brunswick High School community.

Recently, we received some mail from our newfound friends at South Brunswick. Along with letters from the principal, Mr. Chip Hodges, and the world language department chairperson, Ms. Steffany Gamsby, we also received cards from the students themselves, but these were not ordinary notes. Well aware of SMCA’s diversity, the students at South Brunswick sent us multilingual thank you cards!

One of the tenets of Catholic Schools Week 2019 is to SERVE. We are so proud of the SMCA community who came to the service of those in need. We wish everyone at South Brunswick High School the very best as they continue to recover, and they will remain in our prayers.

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